New game "Hyper Dark" in the works.  We are going to create a really deep Space RPG experience that fits in the palm of your hand.  To be released in December 2015.

 Hyper Dark Strange Asteroids


 Hyper Dark has been in production for over 1 year now.  It is the largest project I have worked on.  This game will have many features including ship systems that level up the more they are used, battery system to route energy to various systems in order to boost performance depending on the task at hand, mining for resources which includes extracting energy and ore from asteroids and extracting material from disabled enemies for hull and system repairs.  There is also a radar that has 3 settings: resources, enemies, and anomalies.  Many, many more features will be detailed in later updates.

 Hyper Dark Ship Console 2

Here is the ships console screen where you can repair systems, convert resources to energy or hull repair material, route battery power to your four main systems (weapons, mining, shield, or engine), and active drones.

Hyper Dark Status Screen

Here you can see the status screen with current objectives, number of warp beacons active, and your collection of artifacts with ship enhancing characteristics.


Our first mobile game Cyanide Sector is an old school classic shooter and can be found here.